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Speed in eCommerce is very important. Every second counts for the best experience.

Platforms we optimise

Magento Ecommerce DevelopmentShopify Plus Development

Optimisation Features

Feeling the need for speed?

Speed in eCommerce is very important. Every second slower a page is to load increases the chance that a customer will leave the website. It is absolutely vital your site is performing at its best at all times.

Over the years we have had many clients come to us in hopes of a faster site. Using code profiling, reporting and monitoring, we take slow, often poorly built websites and give them the attention they need to satisfy the demands of customers.

Magento optimisation can include:

  • Performance enhancements
  • Code profiling
  • Code quality checks
  • Speed optimisation reports
  • Slow theme files
  • Finding slow extentions
  • Google Analytics
  • Ecommerce Tracking
  • High traffic optimisation and full page cache
  • Obsolete code / modules
Custom Development
Code profiling

Not all code is created equally. A particular function or section of code could be written in thousands of different ways, all producing the same final result. The big differences are code readability, usability, and execution time.

We can track down code which is not living up to its potential and replace it with fast, streamlined code that does the same thing - but quicker, producing better results for your online store.

Pagespeed Insights
Pagespeed insights

In the search industry market, Google dominates. Google has created specific tools for measuring the performance of your website and highlighting areas that may be affecting your speed and rankings.

We can assist with tracking down each of these issues and translating the technical aspects of the report into actionable tasks. Then, we get the green light from Google on performance of both desktop and mobile devices.

Abandoned Carts
Abandoned carts & Checkout flow

Abandoned carts are when a customer adds a product to their cart on your website, but ends up leaving before finishing the purchase.

Implementing optimisations to improve the customer journey and streamline the checkout process can reduce the number of customers that abandon their cart. In addition we can also implement abandoned cart email alerts to help bring back those customers, all of which improves sales!

Traffic Loads
Handling high traffic loads

Nobody knows when a huge traffic spike may hit their website. Your brand or product may be featured on television or mentioned by an influential blogger.

One thing is for sure, you should prepare your site to handle high levels of traffic. We can assist with the right recommendations and performance load testing to ensure you can meet the depends of your customers.

Slow Modules
Finding slow extentions from third parties

Third party extensions and plugins are great. They allow websites to integrate into many third-party services and modules.

Sometimes these third party extensions cause speed and performance issues that need addressing. Our team can help debug these issues work out solutions to improve performance and stability.