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Our team is here to assist your business implement technical changes and updates to your website. We use industry best practice to deliver quality improvements to your website, minimising downtime and bugs that can affect your sales.

Platforms we develop for

Magento Ecommerce DevelopmentShopify Plus Development

Development Features

We take development seriously

We have been working with the Magento & Shopify platforms for many years now and developed our own unique style of handing eCommerce development projects. We work hard to not only provide the solution you want - but the solution you need to succeed in the online marketplace.

Development encompasses many different areas ranging from custom theme development through to complicated third party system integrations. We are always able to assist and will work with you to create the best possible solution for your business. We also draw on our industry experience to provide cost effective solutions and industry relevant advice.

The team here at Rival will guide you through the steps required to develop a new online store. Starting with an initial meeting, we can provide a ballpark cost estimate for your project. Ongoing meetings and consultation will then assist with creating a website specification and an accurate proposal with itemised costings.

Custom Development
Custom Extension Development

When you have a business requirement that can't be solved using an existing platform or extension, we are able to help by providing custom extension development.

For example integrating with a legacy warehousing system, or implementing complex shipping calculation requirements.

Third Party Integration
Third Party Integrations

Most eCommerce sites today rely on a range of integrations with third party platforms.

These include Analytics, Email Marketing, Warehousing and fulfilment (ERP), Accounting, Customer Reviews, Social Media, and many more. We make sure that the site is communicating and syncing with these platforms to get the most out of your website.

Frontend Development
Theming & Frontend Development

One of the most important aspects of your store is what your customers see and interact with. We make sure that your site works correctly across a wide range of mobile devices, screen sizes, browsers.

We also strive to ensure the site is fast to improve customer experience, and help with any ranking signals Google places on Pagespeed.

Coding Quality
Quality Code & Standards

Even though your customers will not see the website code, standard compliant and quality code is very important to us.

Having your code developed in a clean, organised method helps futureproof your online store and allows future updates to proceed with minimal impact. We create all custom code using Magento & Shopify best practices. For example by making sure to never modify the core Magento files - always extending so modules can be removed without impacting the websites stability.

Detailed Wireframes & Specification

The foundation of a great ecommerce store is the website specification and wireframes. These can be seen as your website blueprints - making sure everyone is on the same page.

We use the latest UX and prototyping tools to create detailed wireframes and specification documents to ensure our developers know what they are creating and that there are no unexpected surprises during development.

Store Migrations
Store Migrations

If you already have a website on an existing platform, we can assist in migrating your customer, order and product information into Magento or Shopify.

We have a range of methods to migrate your data to and from platforms such as Shopifiy, Big Commerce, WooCommerce and many more. We can even create custom migrations scripts if you have a unique platform. Our solutions are painless and carefree.