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Nafae Styles

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All the latest Swimwear Styles and trends
Nafae Styles has all the latest swimwear styles and trends in the one place with quick shipping and easy returns!

Bringing it all together

Services and skills used to complete this project

UX Prototyping
We love to prototype designs first before implementation. It allows clients to see what it will look like and test ideas with us before final implementation - an absolute must for a high functioning ecommerce store.
Data Driven Design
Instead of basing design decisions purely on asthetics, we look at the previous data and make informed decisions on your customers behaviours - increasing customer satisfaction and conversions.
Ecommerce consulting with expert advice based on years of experience. Learn what does and does not work for your online store and save money in the process by avoiding costly mistakes.
Mobile Optimised
A mobile optimised site takes into account the smaller viewport customers use when on mobile devices. Customising individual widgets and elements to create the best possible mobile experience whilst maintaining speed and performance.
Responsive Design
A responsive design, meaning the site is mobile friendly and "responds" to each device it appears on. This means the same site is shown for mobile, tablet and desktop devices without seperate mobile interfaces.
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Optimised Checkout
We make sure the shopping experience is as quick and seamless as possible. With optimised checkout flow, customers only need enter minimal information to complete their purchase.
Nafae Styles Shopify
Nafae Styles Shopify
Nafae Styles Shopify