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Taking Advantage of Custom Fit Technology

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custom fit technology

Taking Advantage of Custom Fit Technology

Justin Volpato | 2 mins read time

How easy would it be to find custom fit clothing and never have to leave your home or workplace do to so? Every item tailor made to your body shape, no sizing issues ever?

Well, now you can! ZOZO believes that while every person is created equal, their body size is unique. Standard sizing guides typically are confusing and not uniform. Often a person blames themselves because they believe they don’t fit into a ‘category’ of small, medium, large, short, tall, petite, curvy… the list goes on. ZOZO wants to throw away with these conventions and revolutionise the way we fit our clothing, to create a size-free world.

According to their website, ZOZO’s founder, Yusaku Maezawa, says “ZOZO was created to be adaptable to each and every person. You don’t have to adapt to ZOZO. ZOZO adapts to you. People are unique, but they also want to be treated and accepted as equal. This concept is reflected in the ZOZO logo. The circle, square and triangles are all different colors and shapes, yet they have the same surface area. They are all unique but still equal.”

So how does this work you may ask?

The ZOZO measurement system is based on a ZOZOSUIT. The ZOZOSUIT has over 350 unique dots which act as fiducial markers, a point of reference in collecting data about your body shape. The ZOZO app (available via the App Store and Google Play) measures your shape as it takes 12 photos of you, capturing each unique dot on the suit. Once this has loaded on the app, an algorithm processes this data and transforms it into a 3D virtual image of your body. Too easy!

ZOZO has its own clothing collection to shop from, with all clothes tailor made to your measurements taken from the ZOZO app. They ship internationally too, taking about 3-4 weeks from time of purchase (allowing enough time to manufacture your custom fit garment).

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