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Magento Release

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Magento Release

Justin Volpato | read time

Magento has been updated!

Release is now available.

This version is said to provide resolution to a number of critical security issues and functional fixes, such as providing support for PHP 7.2, removal of the CC module, update of the Magento logo through the code base, Google Tag Manager now logs sales in Google Analytics, no fatal errors when a merchant uses an already reserved word to name a product attribute and more. For further information visit:

Please note: After upgrading to the new release, third party modules which rely on Magento’s core backup functionality will no longer work. To enable back up of your database, you can do either of the following-

  • Change false to true in the config modules Mage_Backup active setting of app/etc/modules/Mage_All.xml

  • From the Admin, change the System Configuration > Advanced > Disable  Modules Output > Mage_Backup from disabled to enabled