What is Yotpo?

Yotpo can be best described as a social marketing tool which provides solutions for reviews and referrals, demonstrates loyalty and aids in visual marketing.

Happy customers are repeat customers. Repeat customers drive revenue. But how do you find out if a customer is satisfied with your product?

That’s where Yotpo come in.

How do I use Yotpo?

Can every purchase be turned into a review? Can I showcase my products in a visually appealing way?


Yotpo can all of these things and more. Yotpo integrates with most e-commerce platforms including Magento. It’s a service which is managed outside of your website, with ratings and reviews stored on Yotpo’s servers.

Exporting and importing reviews is uncomplicated and fuss free.

To export you simply login to your account, access Account Settings tab, click on the Store tab, then Export Reviews.

To import, create a standard spreadsheet application (like Google sheets or Excel), download the product review template and fill it with the relevant data. Then download the site reviews template and do the same. You will also need to install the Reviews Widget to verify your data.

It really is that easy!

Why include reviews online?

Customer feedback can give your business an understanding of what works and doesn’t work. It also provides data which can be actioned to make future improvements. From the customer’s perspective, it provides the ‘push’ to make a purchase.

Before this can even happen, you need to overcome one of the biggest obstacles as an ecommerce store owner- building trust between your brand and the client.

Trust is what encourages a customer to return. To make future purchases and spread the word about your brand. Without it, sales will be low and there won’t be a consistent generated profit and turnover.

Once a customer feels trust from a brand, they are likely to leave positive feedback post- sale. This feedback will indicate to other potential buyers that your brand cares about its customers and you are willing to go the extra mile to ensure they have the best experience. It also provides an unbiased opinion from a third party about the product or service.


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