It’s time for another update!

Magento 2.3 has been announced for release by end of 2018.

Along with the usual back-end efficiencies, clients will see new additions to sell to their customers.

The list below shows some of the key features clients will notice following an upgrade to the new version:

  • Progressive Web Application Studio (to assist developers in creating applications on the Magento platform)
  • Multi-Source Inventory (the ability for sites to utilise different warehouses for fulfilment)
  • Page Builder (a re-write of Blue Foot Content Management System with features including template creation, drag-and-drop layout and a more user-friendly experience for the non-technical user)
  • Message Queue (designed to ease strain on the application by creating a system of queuing tasks to be completed)
  • Google reCAPTCHA (greater control over fighting malicious attempts to access the Magento Admin Panel)

This update is said to overwhelmingly improve the Magento platform for its users. Rival is here to talk you through the next stages, contact us for further information!