There are only six weeks left until Christmas! Is your store ready?

Here at Rival we have compiled a list of tips to get you sorted for the silly season.

Tip #1: Make sure you have enough stock

You don’t want to run out of a popular item and have customers frustrated at not being able to purchase the product to gift to family/friends. Check last year’s sales figures and order for November/December accordingly.

Tip #2: Offer exclusive deals

Who doesn’t like a deal?! Customers feel privileged when they are offered something no one else has. Feature these deals in a way that makes the customer feel they have increased value in their purchase. Offer discount codes too.

Tip #3: Focus on relationships

Christmas is a time of year which can make or break relationships. Ensure you are putting in the extra mile for your clients, by offering personalised services in a timely manner. In doing so, you will retain the loyalty of these customers long after the holiday period is over.

Tip #4: Look at shipping and returns policies

Offer free shipping for purchases over a specific amount or reduce the cost of express shipping (handy to have to ensure the product arrives before Christmas). Consider making exchanges and returns as simple as possible for your clients. This retention tactic will actually increase sales over the year, as customers will more likely make a purchase if they know they’ll get great support if something does go wrong.

Tip #5: Creative social marketing campaigns

Maximise the reach of social media to promote your products. Style your social media accounts in a festive theme. Customers like to flaunt their purchases to the online world, so capitalise on this for your holiday marketing.

Tip #6: Launch it

Don’t wait until December 1 st to launch your holiday campaign. Marketing at this time of year should commence early to bring attention to your store, so customers have the chance to shop early and avoid the rush later on.

Tip #7: Use email marketing

Don’t neglect the power of email contact at this time of year. There is great potential to add value to your store’s revenue if you keep in touch with your customers. Let them know of daily specials and any new products which may tempt them.

Tip #8: Donate

Offer the customer the option of a donation during a sale to one or more charities. This is the perfect time of year to do so and many are happy to participate in the gift of giving.

Tip #9: Blog!

Your blog has potential to bring new customers to your store. In the busiest time of year, don’t forget to update regularly with new articles. High traffic presents the opportunity for engaging customers and sells you as a brand with longevity in the online marketplace.

Tip #10: Gift your merchandise

If possible, organise products under categories such as ‘Gifts under $25’, ‘Gifts under $50’, ‘Gifts under 100’ and so forth. This makes it easier for the purchaser to find what they are looking for according to their budget.

For more hints and advice on getting your store ready for Christmas contact us at Rival!