How many of you have a social media account? How often do you login?

Now, think about your business. What if you were able to utilise this platform to increase exposure, target customers specifically, create more revenue? The possibilities are endless!

One thing to keep in mind is that your social media strategy should complement, not stand alone, on your site. You need effective integration to ensure social customers come back for more.

Here are a few ways you can connect social media to your website-

  • Include visible social media buttons- create links to take customers to your social media pages, ensure placement of these is intuitive (e.g. top or bottom navigation bar)
  • Use share buttons- allows customers to share or recommend your product
  • Social live feeds- shows current and recent social media activity
  • Hashtags and social shoutouts- through this, customers engaging with your brand can virtually provide free advertising, increasing exposure and subsequent sales
  • Use social media profiles for logins- consider using social media accounts for customers to login to your site (rather than creating a brand new profile) as research shows people would prefer to use an account they already have created, rather than remember a new login/password
  • Integrate social media commenting system- customers can provide feedback on products, initiate conversations and engage others to do the same

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