The Google Page Rank is metric used by Google to assign value to a web page. Basically, the higher the PR the more valuable Google sees your site as a resource. So what are the advantages of getting a higher PR you ask? Well, we are going to take a look at these advantages and how to increase your own page rank in this article.

Think of it like this.

When a page links to your site, it is casting an invisible vote to your site. The action of one site linking to another is called a “Backlink”.  If the site linking to your site has a high PR to begin with, it will cast a larger vote on your site. Therefore, you can see the advantage in getting other high quality sites linking back to yours.

Google uses this PR to help rank search engine positions, however it is not he only metric used, but its a nice indication on how well Google thinks your site is developing.

So what can be done to increase your page rank?

Adding New Content

It is a great idea to add new content to your site. This can be in the form of a new article, new page on the site or even a new blog post.

Check File Names and Paths

It can also be helpful to check for broken links on your website, and that all pages are linked correctly. Google does not favor rogue pages in your website, and often they are not taken into consideration when calculating your PR. Try to keep all pages on your website properly linked.

Install Google Toolbar

Installing Google toolbar can help you get an indication on a pages PR. It can display a bar, notifying you of the current pages PR. This can help, as it allows you to source higher ranking back links on other websites.

Dont over link

Having quality sites linking to your site is the best way. Avoid paid directories and other link farms if possible. Even though some may have a high PR, you need to remember that this will be distributed over all other sites that the page links to.

DMOZ and Yahoo

DMOZ and Yahoo both have directories which are though to help the ranking of your website if you get listed. The common thought nowdays is that this does not have as much weighting as it used to, but if you can submit your sites to these directories, it could be benificial for your ranking.

Avoid Banned Sites

The last thing you want is another site bringing your ranking down. Try to avoid getting your site linked from banned or spam websites. Chances are Google is already aware of the site and penalized it for its SEO tactics, so linking back to your site……doesn’t look good.

Create Valid Pages

Make sure the pages on your website validate. You can use the W3C validator to give you a breakdown of if your site is valid, and what issues need to be addressed to make your site valid. A clean, valid site often means it can be searched correctly by Google’s Googlebot and more information is obtained instead of skipped over due to poor document syntax.