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Experience, reliability and a thirst to create digital masterpieces. That's us.

01. Who are we

Disrupting eCommerce

A fusion of programming and design

Ecommerce has always been a passion for Rival. We have lived and breathed Ecommerce every since our first Magento implementation back in 2007. It was obvious to us then that Magento was the future of ecommerce and we devoted our resources, skills and time to becoming one of the best development agencies in Australia.

Along the way, we have worked with many clients, agencies and entrepreneurs alike. Many of which today we are glad to call friends. You see, working with Rival is not simply about hiring us to work for you - but making us a part of your team so that we can understand the foundations of your business. We are thrilled when clients tell us their success stories, it truly makes us happy when you succeed.

We pride ourselves on being approachable and friendly. We want our clients to feel comfortable when speaking to us about any troubles or concerns they may have. It is this approach that has lead us to maintain very high client happiness and retention rates.

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  • Award winning Award winning team members
  • Cutting edge Creative and cutting edge

02. Capabilities

Success is key

Our core values and beliefs

When we are approahced by a new client, we like to take our time and ensure we will work well with them. Taking the time to really understand our clients is what sets is apart. If it bothers you, it bothers us.

We do our best to maintain the highest possible coding and design standards whilst being a professional and trusthworthy part of your business.

Word of mouth referrals has become our biggest source of new work. This is something we take great pride in and strive to maintain.

Web Development

Desktop and Mobile Friendly

Web design & development

We work with the latest platforms to ensure our clients get the outcomes they require. We have exstensive experience in Magento, Wordpress and custom coded soutions and third party platforms.

We take into account speed, scalability and longevity of the solutions we provide. Our experience with web programming languages such as PHP and Ruby allow us to tailor solutions that work for you

Ecommerce Development

Our key service

Ecommerce Development

We live and breathe ecommerce. We have spent many hours perfecting our development processes and workflows to ensure the best results. Our weapon of choice for ecommerce development is Magento Ecommerce.

Magento has terrific industry support with thousdands of the biggest brands worldwide relying on Magento everyday. We can assist with all aspects of the development process. Everything from full ecommerce developments through to complex third party system integrations.

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Ecommerce Development


Web Artists & Tacticians

User Experience

These days just having a website is not enough to garuntee success. You need to adapt to the every changing environment. We have the skills and knowledge to assist with testing your website and creating amazing user experiences.

We can utilise tools and techniques such as focus groups, A/B testing, Wireframes, Clickthroughs and user profiling to make sure your customers are getting the most out of your site.

Consulting & Support

Take a seat, lets chat

Getting the right advice

Having our team available to draw on our expereince and offer advice is an invaluable resource. We not only have years of experience, but we also know the internet inside and out.

We can help you with your concerns, offer advice on website improvements and issues - or simply give our opinon on your current brand, business and online presence. We are here to help.

Consulting and Support

Optimisation & Performance

The need for speed

Fine tuning your site

Is your website running a bit sluggish? Chances are this is costing you money. Stats have shown that every second it takes a webpage to load, page abandoment grows. You need to have your site performing fast, especially in the age of mobile phones and wireless connections we live in.

Utilising a range of tools and performance metrics, we can improve the load time of your site by giving advice on hosting, code profiling, system resouces and elements of your site that are increasing load times.

We have been able to help many clients with performance related issues - you do not need to have a slow site any longer!

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Website Optimidation

03. Brands we have worked with

The right stuff

We have the industry experience

Over the years we have worked with many clients, agencies and entrepreneurs alike. Every new project we take on builds on the industry experience of the last.

We always do our best to handle each brand with care and give it the attention it needs. It is important for us that you suceed.

Each industry type is different. What works for fashion label may not work for a B2b site. We will work with you to ensure your tailored solution meets the needs of your industry

Industry Sectors

  • Health
  • Beauty
  • Retail Stores
  • Business to Business
  • Wholesalers
  • Government Agencies
  • Digital Agencies
  • Trade Services
  • Fashion Labels

04. Leadership team

Leading the way

Our management team

  • Matthew Ryan

    Matthew Ryan


  • Justin Volpato

    Justin Volpato


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New Development

New website developments or existing sites that will be rebuilt or replatformed.

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Maintenance Work

Existing websites that need a little love and attention to bring them back up to speed.

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